Our Patients Love Acupuncture!

"Before trying acupuncture, I wondered if it would really work, and how painful the procedure would be. But my sciatic pain disappeared after the first visit! I was having a difficult time walking, sitting, standing, and that shooting pain down my leg is gone. And I'm noticing my peripheral neuropathy is getting better. Time in the treatment room is so relaxing and peaceful. It's my favorite part of the week! I really enjoy that treatment at AcuMed Spa includes a short massage to relax the muscles as well as acupuncture. I can't believe how effective acupuncture has been at relieving my pain. Thank you for what you do!"

- AP, Mauldin, SC 

"First time ever with acupuncture and it was a great experience! I was very pleased with Elizabeth's professionalism and attentiveness to my issues and health concerns."

-SV, Pelzer, SC

acupuncture testimonials

"I was hesitant at first because needles are frightening! I realized that the tiny acupuncture needles just under the skin were not painful at all though. I would say that the deep relaxation coupled with the health benefits are my favorite things about acupuncture. I have less anxiety and less muscle tension. I have also found it easier to clean up my diet and workout regimen, resulting in weight loss. I also find the acupuncture sessions, besides the health benefits, to be very relaxing! Elizabeth has always been very professional, kind and helpful. I have recommended AcuMed Spa to family and friends for sports injuries and anxiety, among other reasons."

- AG, Greer, SC

"The biggest changes I have noticed since starting acupuncture treatments are a sense of well being and calmness after treatments. Elizabeth is attentive to any issues I have that I want addressed, and she likes to have my input on treatments before she starts. I feel good knowing she really does listen and that she is a problem solver with the more complex issues that can arise. I would, and already have, recommended AcuMed Spa to friends and family!"

- EN, Greenville, SC

acupuncture testimonials

"I was hesitant to try acupuncture because of the cost, and I was unsure of how it worked. But since starting treatments I have noticed improved energy levels, reduced headaches and pains, better sleep, and better bowel movements. My favorite thing about getting acupuncture is the immediate results - I often feel better the same day, but always within 24 hours. I also appreciate the nutritional counseling to compliment treatments. For example, I'm now able to manage seasonal allergies through a combination of treatments and supplements. So I was able to throw away the Flonase steroid and prescription meds (which had annoying side effects with me). I'm tremendously impressed with the wide range of issues that can be treated successfully through acupuncture and supplements. I came in because I needed help addressing chronic fatigue and headaches, but have stayed because I'm now able to manage those items as well as seasonal allergies, sports injuries, and other needs that surface as my bodies' needs change. I have recommended two friends to AcuMed Spa already because I'm finding the treatments very effective. It's a good use of my time and money."

-JJ, Greenville, SC

"I was looking for a way to improve my mindfulness practice (meditation), hoping that acupuncture might help me with "opening up" my potential to be aware and attentive. I can say that I have not been disappointed in choosing to have Elizabeth work with me. I can tell that I have had positive changes. Elizabeth is very kind, supportive, and a real professional. The atmosphere is very conducive to healing."

-PG, Taylors, SC

acupuncture testimonials

" When I went in for my first acupuncture treatment, I was concerned with what would happen.  Would I bleed, would the needle hit a nerve and cause damage? But it turns out, it’s surprisingly very relaxing.  The time needed during the session to let the needles "do their job" is very peaceful. Since starting treatments, I have noticed little to no tightness or pain when working out.  My recovery time has increased and I don't feel the pain and soreness that I used to in my back and shoulders from working out. I have recommended AcuMed Spa to some friends that asked about my treatments.  I think its something that people hear about but are afraid to try until they hear it from someone they trust or have noticed changes in. Also, since starting treatments, I take time to be more aware of my body and what's going on with it; whether it be a cough or soreness, especially since I have learned that acupuncture can treat more than just muscle pain. I actually want to continue to learn more about it as the treatments continue."

-DW, Greer, SC