Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine treat everything that Western medicine treats, but without drugs or surgery. This includes:

Hormone Imbalance
Digestive disorders

Heart Disease
Neurological Disorders
And more...

Pain Management

Got sciatica? Neck pain? Migraines?

One of my specialties is treating pain conditions, from acute sports injuries to chronic back pain; from arthritis to headaches. I use tui-na massage as well as acupuncture to relieve pain and restore qi and blood flow. Structural misalignments, which can be the root cause of pain, are gradually nudged into alignment when tight muscles, tendons and ligaments relax, and when those that are too loose are turned on. And when stress or trauma is involved, your nervous system goes into overdrive, causing pain and inflammation. These conditions can be complex and hard to treat, but I have numerous tools at my disposal that allow me to treat at many different levels, whether you sprained your ankle last week, were in a car wreck 20 years ago, or that nagging shoulder ache is getting the best of you.

Fertility and Womens health

We women have complex bodies and hormonal fluctuations that make us special. That also means that we can be plagued with crippling PMS, endometriosis, PCOS, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, amenorrhea, hot flashes, night sweats and more. But it doesn't have to be this way. Acupuncture and herbal medicine regulate hormones and clear away the stagnation that causes pain and other female issues.

Infertility can have many causes, including hormonal, structural or mental. I find that it's almost always a complex combination of issues that have all come together uniquely in each woman. I work with you to find that root cause (or causes), using acupuncture, herbs and supplements, nutrition, cycle tracking and more. I find it so rewarding to treat woman who are trying to conceive, then getting the phone call to let me know that they are pregnant!

Chronic Illness

I have patients come in with complex, chronic pain and illness, who have been to every doctor, seen specialists, tried multiple drugs, and are still suffering. Because they have been dealing with their issues for so long, they are tired, stressed out and in pain, and can't seem to get better. I take the time to really listen to your problems, and take everything into account to get to the root. Acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, herbs and nutrition all work together to address your complex issues fully and effectively.