Imagine yourself....

Free from pain. 

With boundless energy.

Feeling like your "old self" again.

At peace with yourself and your life.

In our acupuncture clinic, located in Greenville, SC, you'll enjoy relaxing treatments that get to the root of your symptoms. Instead of taking drugs that mask problems and cause side effects, our methods are gentle, effective, and natural, addressing your entire body and mind.

Acupuncture is the prime choice for treating acute and chronic pain, including back pain, sciatica, headaches, neck and shoulder pain, arthritis and more. It's also extremely effective for women's health issues like PMS, endometriosis, PCOS, infertility, etc, and chronic internal issues such as allergies, digestive disorders, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and much more. Psycho-emotional issues, including anxiety, depression, insomnia and stress are addressed as well. Acupuncture treatments reduce inflammation, improve circulation and metabolism, balance hormones, strengthen immunity, detoxify, and balance your body and mind.

Along with your acupuncture treatment, we may include a short massage or bodywork session, nutrition and herbal recommendations, or lifestyle counseling.

schedule an appointment online, call us at 864-451-4313, or send us your insurance information to see if you have acupuncture coverage.

Pain Free - Naturally

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Elizabeth A Allen MS LAc

Elizabeth, our acupuncturist, is Board Certified by NCCAOM, and Licensed in the state of South Carolina. A highly sensitive problem solver, she is gifted at listening deeply to each patient, and crafting an individualized treatment plan unique to you. She specializes in pain management and psycho-emotional issues. 

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Our Patients Love Acupuncture

"Elizabeth does everything and does it in a way that you feel as if you are important."
- SL, Greenville, SC

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