AcuMed Spa is a new kind of health care provider.


What if you could feel significantly better in three weeks time? How would your life change if your pain, stress or insomnia was dramatically improved?

At our Greenville South Carolina health clinic, you'll enjoy relaxing treatments that get to the root of your issues. Instead of taking drugs that mask symptoms and cause side effects, our acupuncture, massage, and nutrition treatments are gentle, effective, and natural, addressing your entire body and mind.



Acupuncture treats the same things that Western medicine treats, but with natural methods. A 3,000 year old healing modality, acupuncture has been updated to treat our modern day ailments, including pain, fertility and stress.    Learn More . . .


Massage works to stretch and relax the muscles, encourage blood, lymph and craniosacral fluid to flow freely. Tui-na, a Chinese medical massage, and Craniosacral Therapy are used.
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Eastern and Western techniques of dietary therapy are combined for a unique nutritional perspective. Food therapy is a powerful approach to wellness because it is something we can do every day to effect our health. Learn More . . .