How to Treat Anxiety Naturally

It starts unexpectedly. A rogue thought or action that gets stuck in your brain, going around and around and just won't stop. Then your heart starts beating faster, your breath gets quicker and more shallow. You're experiencing some pretty heavy duty anxiety.

In Chinese Medicine, anxiety is caused by an overactive Fire element. We say that fire (heat) rises, and that's why your mind and chest are usually affected. And this is why you may be feeling more anxious this time of year, because Fire is strongest in the Summer. To calm your mind and heart, we focus and soothing and cooling the Fire. Read on to find out how.

Find out how to treat anxiety without Western Meds
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1. Adaptogens

This category of herbs helps your body ADAPT to stress. They are plants that work with your body chemistry and help support whatever it is that needs supported. For anxiety, Rhodiola is my go-to adaptogen. For best effect, take the herb every day over a span of a few months. This is for long-term relief of anxiety symptoms.

2. Rescue Remedy

For immediate action, try Bach's Rescue Remedy Flower Essences. This formula comes in many forms, tincture, spray, pastilles, choose the one that's easiest for you to take and keep it with you. Take the recommended dose as soon as you start to feel anxious.

3. Acupressure on Heart 7

The acupuncture point, Heart 7 is also called Spirit Gate. Just touching the point gently and breathing deep can calm the mind and spirit. Try adding an essential oil, such as rose, to amplify the effects. See the photo below on help finding the point.

acupuncture for anxiety

To learn even more about treating stress and anxiety, check out this article, which includes a link to my 6 part anti-anxiety e-course.

Do you have a favorite cure for anxiety that I didn't mention? Let us know in the comments.


Elizabeth Williams is an acupuncturist in Greenville, South Carolina, specializing in pain management, women’s health, and psycho-emotional issues. She’s passionate about helping people feel their best and sharing her wealth of knowledge with the community. Elizabeth is the owner of Dragonfly Acupuncture & Massage, on Wade Hampton Boulevard. Appointments can be made by calling 864-451-4313, or scheduled online here.