Holiday Gift Guide: Made in America

The last thing you need right now is more stress about what to get for everyone on your gift list this year. This list makes it simple for you. Everything on this list is something I use on a regular basis, love, and want to share with you. It's all eco friendly, and made by small businesses in America, so you can rest easy knowing your supporting the environment and the economy. As a side note, these are not affiliate links, I'm getting no compensation from anyone, these are simply products that I have personally used. I hope you love them as much as I do.

1. Hurraw

My hands down favorite lip balm of all time. Smooth, never grainy or sticky, and smells divine. Bonus points for being organic, vegan and raw. There are lots of great flavors to choose from, and the best part, all tubes are less than $5!

2. Osmia Organics

I'm a sucker for amazing scents, and boy do these soaps deliver. Every one I've tried smells amazing, creates lots of lather, and lasts forever. I had one bar of soap last me six months! The make skin care, body oils and perfumes as well, and though I've never tried them, you can bet they are great.

3. Bees Wrap

A reusable, better-than-Saran-wrap food storage system. Organic cotton cloth is coated in beeswax, and used to wrap bread, cheese, veggies, bowls of leftovers, and more. Cleans easily in cool water, and can be re-used many, many times.

4. Alima Pure

Makeup that really is all natural. On top of that, they make foundation to literally match EVERYONE'S skin. They offer plenty of help finding the right color, and you can order samples to make sure it's an exact match. The blush and eyeshadow colors are spot on. I order samples of the eye shadows I like, and they last quite a long time.

5. Lotus Wei

If you've never taken flower essences, it's about time you started. Gentle and effective mood boosters, these elixirs can, when taken over time, change your whole perspective on life. Usually, they are most effective when blended together by a professional, but Katie Hess has created 6 formulas that are expertly crafted, making it easy for the rest of us to enjoy the power of flower essences. Take the quiz to find out which formula you need most right now.

6. Branch basics

A whole house cleaning solution that's actually all natural, completely non-toxic, and it works! I recommend the starter kit, which includes a concentrate and four bottles to mix different dilutions for the whole house. All purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, heavy duty, and a foamer for hand soap. I even use it to clean my laundry.

7. urban Moonshine

Herbal medicine at it's best. There herbs are grown on a farm in Vermont, expertly crafted into formulas, and handmade in small batches to ensure the highest quality products. Use the bitters before meals for digestive problems, the energy tonic is great for a boost of energy, and if your coming down with a cold, their immune products are great as well.

8. kari gran

The only skin care system I can use on my hyper allergic skin. Even when most other all-natural, organic products failed, this one has made my skin soft and smooth. If you've never used a cleansing oil, you're in for a treat. Using the principal of "like attracts like" oil cleansing is great for all skin, including oily skin. You massage the oil onto damp skin, improving blood flow to the face and getting into all the nooks and crannies, then wipe clean with a hot, damp towel. This system keeps their oil and water in separate bottles, eliminating the need for any preservatives at all. For a luxury skincare line, the price is very good.


Elizabeth Williams is an acupuncturist in Greenville, South Carolina, specializing in pain management, women’s health, and psycho-emotional issues. She’s passionate about helping people feel their best and sharing her wealth of knowledge with the community. Elizabeth is the owner of Dragonfly Acupuncture & Massage, on Wade Hampton Boulevard. Appointments can be made by calling 864-451-4313, or scheduled online here.