The Power of Touch

I'm so happy to announce that we now have a massage therapist on staff here at AcuMed Spa! Kie Williams is a gifted healer, both with his touch and his attention. He has a knack for making everyone feel immediately comfortable. He's also my husband, so maybe I'm a bit biased.

He has written a short article to introduce himself and talk a bit about why he got into this line of work. I hope you enjoy it!

The Power of Touch

Massage therapy was something that always intrigued me growing up. From my earliest memories, I can recall the healing power of touch. Often I would find myself in an otherworldly trance when my mother would tickle the back of my neck. I sometimes got goose bumps if my arm was gently brushed by a passing stranger, and would feel a truly energetic connection when holding hands with a loved one. I have always loved the tactile element of human existence, whether it’s from one person to another or from fuzzy companions that walk alongside me, on all fours, at various stages throughout my life.

Being first over from England, and having been raised primarily by my very British grandmother in America, there seemed to exist for me a contrast in the ideology of these two English speaking countries regarding touch. Despite the stereotypical reservations associated with the average Brit, my experience suggested we were notably warmer in our social exchanges than Americans. But again, this was my experience and I’ve been known to wear rose-tinted glasses in regard to my homeland. Regardless, this perceived contrast brought even more awareness to my sensitivities. As life continued to dish out heartbreak and pain, I fell deeper in love with the idea that the more pain we allow ourselves to feel in our lives, the more capacity for love we’ll inevitably have. I mean, let's face it, the alternative is growing bitter, untrusting and tempered in the worst kind of way!

Eventually my depth of empathy and desire for emotional and personal growth was mirrored by one of the most amazing people to enter my life. Inspiration grabbed me by the heartstrings and propelled me to follow my dreams of becoming a massage therapist. Now I’m witnessing all of my natural tendencies and sensitivities merge into a new career where the power of touch is undeniably therapeutic for both the practitioner and the client. I’m excited to explore all the facets of massage therapy, including different styles like Swedish and deep tissue massage as well as experimenting with Lomi-Lomi, and Thai massage. Now I’ve come full circle and the child in me has goose bumps!!

Author: Kie Williams, LBMT is the first massage therapist in the state of South Carolina to be certified in Esalen massage therapy. He loves taking care of people, and treating pain, anxiety, insomnia and trauma are his specialties. You can find him at Dragonfly Acupuncture & Massage in Greenville. Appointments can be made by calling 864-451-4313 or scheduled online.